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CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Makeup artist has artificial brush with fame

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Faye Wypiszynski, owner of Feya Cosmetics in Glencoe, knows Paul McCartney is an animal-rights activist.

So she went to the United Center to do his concert makeup Wednesday armed with artificial brushes (no squirrel hair!) and makeup that hadn't been tested on animals.

She even left her leather handbag behind.

Wypiszynski, 43, hired through "fortuitous connections," told McCartney that the powder she was using was even kosher.

"That pretty much covers everything then," McCartney quipped, she said.

Afterward Wypiszynski said: "He looks great, he's adorable. I would have told him that but I didn't want to appear too dumbstruck."

She did giggle and blush, however when she pointed to her left cheek, which she said McCartney kissed.

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