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Trusting your hair with someone new is hands down one of the scariest things someone who cares a lot about their hair can do. Especially, if like me, you recently moved to a new city. Well, if six months counts as recently. For those of you who know me or have followed me for a while, you know I had been going to see the same stylist for years after seeing how unhealthy my hair was from a previous hair stylist. And, when you’ve had bad experiences with another salon, it’s even more difficult to try a new one. When I moved to Chicago back in August, I began the search for the right hair stylist for me and my hair. I tried a few different ones, but when I walked into Paul Rehder Salon and sat down in Jillian Seely’s chair, I fell in love. Not only was the experience great, but my hair looked and felt amazing.

Before seeing Jillian, I had been scouring Instagram and review pages to find the perfect salon fit for me. It’s amazing how I can live in one of the largest cities in the US and still struggle to find the right salon and stylist, but it was possible. Upon talking to Jillian and researching her and the salon’s background, I knew she would be a great fit for me. Not only has she been in the business for many, many years she genuinely knows her stuff. She is the hair guru I never knew I needed in my life. I learned so much from Jillian just from sitting with her for 30 mins. I wanted to share these pods of wisdom with all of you because they were life-changing for my hair:

  • Wash your hair with shampoo twice in the shower. The first shampoo will remove build up, the second shampoo will clean your scalp. And, OMG your hair will feel amazing!

  • Women in their 20’s use products that are much too sophisticated than they need. Keep it simple, your hair and skin will thank you for it

  • Always start brushing your hair from the bottom instead of the top, this will help detangle your hair more efficiently

  • Don’t believe all the hype in the trendy hair supplements or Instagram products, do your research and consult a professional

  • It’s completely normal for your hair to change as you get older or go through life changes. No need to panic, there are many things you can do to assist with this

  • Invest in a really nice hairbrush, your hair will thank you for it!

Review by Shelby Polski

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